Who loves cacciatore sauce? Come on, who doesn’t? This (pictured) dinner was a simple cacciatore of onions, sweet bell peppers and tomato with potato gnocchi… and a snowstorm of cheese (freshly grated Pecorino Romano). You don’t need chicken or rabbit or any other protein to make a cacciatore-style sauce: the best flavours come from the vegetables, whether you include carrot, celery, garlic, or simply onion, pepper and tomato like I did , here. (That being said, I did use some leftover thanksgiving turkey in a cacciatore with rigatoni last week. So there you go) #cacciatore #pastacacciatore #potatognocchi #peppersandonions #romanocheese #pecorino #pecorinoromano #pastasauces

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How do you feel about marinated artichoke hearts? If you like them, and the briny, biting zing of the marinade, you’d love this: pasta with artichoke ‘sauce’ that includes fresh garlic, celery and Romano cheese in it’s list of ingredients. (Of course, I added plenty more freshly grated cheese at the table) Coincidentally, this dish is available on the dinner dreams menus next week; DM for details. #marinatedartichokes #artichokepasta #pastawithartichokes

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