Halloween night in

Many of my family’s snacks, and even weekend lunches, look like this! (The boards below! Not the candies above!) And…

I can never know how much of what’s packed in the snack/lunch boxes that my kids take to school will come home again; they could be completely empty or barely touched. But when the kids come home after school I often give them a snack, and it usually starts with the leftovers from their boxes. Plated to share, with a few extras to bulk up the favourites or a treat added in, and they’re off to their allotted tv time. Pictured here: cheese crackers and plain ones, strawberries, snap peas, some homemade parsnip-spice loaf, a few candies, pretzel crackers, mango, cucumber. #afterschoolsnack #snackplate #kidssnack #fruitandcrackers #afternoonsnacks #treatsforkids

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