cinnamon apple- and pecan-topped single layer chocolate cake

Shana tova!

Shana tova! Admittedly, the Jewish new year is not my celebration, but my husband’s; but I do like to celebrate … More

simple biscuits

I don’t know about the habits at your house, but for my family, these quick biscuits are a hit. Tea … More

nearly empty jam jar with red jam

Jam jar dresssing

Don’t waste the last bits of fruit jam in the jar: make it into a simple salad dressing. Like here, … More

mixed veggies board with two cups of dip

How long is dinner?

How long is dinner? Not to be confused with what time is dinner; how long does sitting -at-the-table, sharing-a-meal last? … More

roasted cauliflower with fresh parsley

basic roasted cauliflower

When I was growing up cauliflower wasn’t in the dinner rotation at my house.  But years later, I discovered that … More

parsley and fig on bread

Fresh herbs

I’ve been reaching for fresh cilantro, parsley, and mint more frequently this winter. Up until a few years ago I … More

eggplant slices on salad with tomatoes, greens and olives

Lunch salad

Here’s an example of how I put together my lunch many days. The method, anyhow, the ingredients vary. In this … More