immersion blender frothy milk

frothy milk and coffee in a measuring cup, spoon and cup of coffee

Ok, you want warm, frothy milk for your coffee, but don’t think you can do it at home.

If you have an immersion blender (or stick blender, they’re sometimes called) you’re all set. And though I wouldn’t say you should buy one just for frothing warm milk, if you did, you could definitely use it for a lot of other things, too.  

Now, how to make frothy milk at home. 

frothed milk with a spoon and immersion blender

For the best results, use 2% or whole (homo) milk. Start by warming 1½  cups of milk in a small or medium-sized pot, on the stove over medium low.  Stir the milk often so it heats evenly and, also, so it doesn’t burn on the bottom of the pan. 

Heat the milk until it’s warmed through and steaming. It should feel hot if you drip some from a spoon onto your finger. Once it’s heated, pour your warm milk into a tall container, like a 4-cup measuring jug, small pitcher or similar. 

Submerge your blender right down to the bottom of the milk and lightly cover the jug with a tea towel, loosely wrapping around the stick part of the blender, to prevent spraying hot milk all over yourself and the kitchen. Start the blender, and slowly bring it up the side of the jug, then slowly back down a few times. You’ll see the milk starting to bubble up right away. 

Don’t get too excited, yet.

You need to continue a few more times in each direction: a few air bubbles on top of the wam milk in the jug won’t be enough foam to top your cup of coffee (or hot chocolate!). 

hot chocolate with frothy milk and sprinkles

Now, rest the milk: wait ten or fifteen seconds, then repeat the slow up and down in the warm milk with the blender turned on. The pause allows the air you’ve created in the milk to settle a bit, and then you can pump it up some more. If you skip this step you’ll still have some foam, but it will be thinner and you won’t end up with very much. Give yourself the few extra seconds and get a good thick foam.

That’s it!

Now, don’t expect the entire jug of milk to turn to foam; that won’t happen. You’ll have created enough frothy milk to pour some warm milk into your coffee, and spoon out the foam onto the top. You can probably count on enough foamed milk to make three coffee drinks. 

When you’re done with the jug of milk, just return it to the fridge; the frothiness will settle in time, and you can use it as usual once it’s cool.  

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