Halloween night in

packaged Halloween candy and chocolate

Many of my family’s snacks, and even weekend lunches, look like this! (The boards below! Not the candies above!)

And on Halloween, when everyone is too excited to sit for long, and trick or treaters are ringing the doorbell early, we have a grazing sort-of dinner, like those in the photos.

But I’m not expecting trick or treaters this year, and we’re not heading out; rather we’ll have fun at home: bobbing for apples, carving pumpkins, making crafts, constant costume changes, and of course a big treat hunt, with a halloween music mix playing throughout. And there’s been talk of another pumpkin pie!

Last weekend we made halloween cookie cutouts and got busy at the table, decorating cats, bats and ghosts. My son used a snowman-with-a-scarf cutter turned on its side to make a bumpy gourd-like pumkin. Big eyeballs were added to many cookies, along with black-tinted sugar, orange sprinkles and yellow royal icing outlines.

In the past, when my little kids were still quite young, they didn’t know what was in all the colourful packages and bright boxes next to the door in the mudroom. They’d dump them on the floor, set up a train of boxes, and stack the treats like blocks.

Now fast forward five or six years, and this year I’ve hidden the minis I bought at the store; another parent and I are going to purchase different treats than one another, then do a trade off so both families have a big selection without the volume it would take to create a great trick-or-treat mix for our kids who aren’t going door-to-door.

So, apple bobbing and pumpkin carving in the afternoon, plus many, many treats in the evening, but what’s for dinner this year when the doorbell isn’t ringing, and we aren’t heading out the door ourselves? Veggie chili and nachos.

How is halloween going to look at your house this year?

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