Jam jar dresssing

nearly empty jam jar with red jam

Don’t waste the last bits of fruit jam in the jar: make it into a simple salad dressing.

Like here, where my son (chief kitchen assistant these days) and I finished off the sour cherry jam by making dressing for two salads:

The first jam-jar-dressing salad was simply cucumber and dressing; the other, pictured here, dressing in the bowl, topped with sliced cucumber, sliced dried apricots, and walnuts (plus salad greens after the photo, before serving).

unmixed chopped salad with jam-jar dressing

It would also work for fruit salad.

When the jar is nearly empty of jam, and you can’t scrape any more out, but can still see the remains spread on the sides and trapped under the lip, turn it into dressing before you rinse and recycle.

nearly empty jam jar with red jam

Simply add oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper: return the lid and shake. There you go.

Go ahead and use whatever type of oil and vinegar you like, as with any dressing. Same for the jam: blueberry is nice, or fig, apricot, marmalade… it’s up to you.

Let me know how it goes!

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