I haven’t been posting anything all week; it feels trivial in this uncertain time. But we are still eating. We’re cooking, baking, creating from what we have in the kitchen. We had this for dinner earlier this week: Salt & pepper squid with lemon and chopped parsley; we topped our buttered fettuccine with this easy dish and even though the pasta was not perfect and the squid turned out a little chewy it was still pretty good. I’m only going to the store once or twice a week – we’re 7 people so it’s hard to stock up enough to go only once. But when I do go, I’m replenishing pantry staples with items that aren’t my usual brands, produce that we make last until the next trip and hoping for a carton of eggs. Are you staying in and doing well?

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Fresh herbs

I’ve been reaching for fresh cilantro, parsley, and mint more frequently this winter. Up until a few years ago I … More