What’s caramel apple season? I checked with a friend and she said apple everything until November, and the popular opinion on the internet seems to be that caramel apples are a halloween special. I would have guessed their season was over, having made way for themed halloween treats. Either way, I made some this week: thick caramel on tart apples, dipped in chopped pistachios or toffee pieces skor bar without chocolate). I don’t know whether or not it’s their time, but they hold up well in the last week of October!

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Who loves cacciatore sauce? Come on, who doesn’t? This (pictured) dinner was a simple cacciatore of onions, sweet bell peppers and tomato with potato gnocchi… and a snowstorm of cheese (freshly grated Pecorino Romano). You don’t need chicken or rabbit or any other protein to make a cacciatore-style sauce: the best flavours come from the vegetables, whether you include carrot, celery, garlic, or simply onion, pepper and tomato like I did , here. (That being said, I did use some leftover thanksgiving turkey in a cacciatore with rigatoni last week. So there you go) #cacciatore #pastacacciatore #potatognocchi #peppersandonions #romanocheese #pecorino #pecorinoromano #pastasauces

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