Yogurt drinks

You know those yogurt drinks at the grocery store? Maybe called ‘drinkable yogurt’?

Between the waste (all those little plastic bottles!), the amount of sugar, and the cost (not economical!) I don’t like to buy them for my kids.

Instead I make a similar drink for them from plain yogurt and thick juice. Like nectar or purée.

There isn’t really a recipe so much as 2 ingredients and an idea.

mango nectar and yogurt

Plain yogurt + thick juice or purée (mango, apricot, peach, strawberry-which is usually combined with another juice- and tropical mixes are most easily available) You can also use strong juice flavours that are not thick, but with varying results; think grape juice, cranberry, and veggie infused ones.

Mix the 2 in equal parts and drink. Or pour into small glass bottles or drink containers if you have them.

That’s it!


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