cocoa spice mix

spiced cocoa tea with a cinnamon stick

Some days, during the long winter, when I’m feeling cold through the day, I want a hot drink. But I don’t really reach for hot chocolate or tea. And sometimes I don’t feel like coffee. OK, another coffee.

But spiced cocoa tea? That’s a different story.

Spiced cocoa tea is not quite tea, because of the cocoa; but also not really hot chocolate because of the tea. And also neither because of the spices.

Really, it’s a spiced mix with tea: cocoa, spices, milk …and tea.

spiced cocoa tea

I find hot chocolate can be too sweet and rich. But at the same time, also not really a chocolatey treat. Spiced cocoa mix with tea makes your cup more special than steeped tea in hot water, but also lessens the sweetness you’d have in a mug of hot chocolate.

Or, use this mix but leave out the tea, and make a special spiced hot chocolate. The initial mixture includes powdered milk for a creamier drink to start with, and you can add milk or cream to increase the richness.

I don’t love hot chocolate, but some of my children – and guests – do. Spiced hot cocoa with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles… that’s a hot drink I can get excited about serving, even if I’m not that excited about drinking it myself. That’s the core of all food thoughts – I’m so excited about food, even if the dish isn’t something I’m excited to eat myself!

And you can also use this mix to make a spiced coffee mocha. Or an iced spiced coffee mocha, too!

Yes, I think you need this in your drink repertoire: spiced cocoa mix for days when you don’t want your your usual cuppa.

So, to recap, here’s how to use this mix:

  • spiced cocoa tea
  • spiced hot chocolate
  • spiced mocha (cocoa coffee) – hot or cold

hot chocolate paste

Now, the mix:

  • 1/3 cup each cocoa, powdered milk, brown sugar
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp each nutmeg, ginger
  • pinch cloves

Combine these dry ingredients and store in a jar until you want to use it.

How to use the mix:

You can just add a spoonful of mix to a cup of coffee or tea and stir, sure, but for a better mixture:

Measure a heaped tablespoon into a cup and add a little milk or water (1-2 tsp); stir to make a paste then add hot water or warmed milk to make a spiced hot chocolate.

Or measure a heaped tablespoon into a cup and add a little milk or water (1-2 tsp); stir to make a paste then add a cup of hot coffee or black tea. (For an iced coffee, use the same method of making a paste first, but add ice and coffee.)

… Did I mention you can pour espresso and and frothed milk over the paste for a mocha cappuccino or iced mocha latte?


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