The evolution of leftovers

I can’t bear to throw out food that could still be eaten.

Even salad: as long as it’s not dressed lettuce greens, I try to save it.

Recently I used up salad leftovers in a few ways over the weekend. I’ll lay it out for you:

First I had some taboule salad. After Friday’s dinner there was too much remaining to warrant my throwing it out but there wasn’t a full serving in the dish either.

But I went ahead and put it in the fridge until the next day when I chopped the 1/3 of a tomato I had reserved on the counter (an leftover from lunch), and added it to the parsley salad, along with a sprinkle of zataar.

chopped taboule

We had that salad with our bagel bakery dinner on Saturday; my open-faced cream cheese bagel was topped with the new tomato-heavy zataar taboule salad.

And often when we have that sort of dinner I make a Greek-ish salad to balance out the bagels-for-dinner menu. Naturally I keep any leftovers because there is no lettuce involved.

Now (after Saturday dinner) there is some Greekish salad and a serving spoon’s amount of ‘taboule’, which become combined: bell peppers, red onion and feta along with parsley and tomato dressed with zataar.


On Sunday evening after my husband packed most of the dinner leftovers into his lunch bag, I still had a little bowl of kale….

Which I ate for lunch on Monday, topped by the Greek-ish zataar taboule.


emptied salad bowl

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