chocolate-pumpkin cake with chocolate buttercream icing

chocolate-pumpkin cake with chocolate buttercream icing

Earlier this month we had pumpkin pie for thanksgiving.

And ever since I’ve been thinking of other baked pumpkin treats, which often seem like a good idea but don’t turn out great. Muffins. Spiced loaf. Pancakes.

You just can’t beat pumpkin pie if you want to bake with pumpkin.

Except for this cake which has a strong hold on second place: chocolate-pumpkin marble bundt.  I first made it a couple of years ago, from the blog The View From Great Island, and it worked out just right.

The recipe calls for a cup of pumpkin purée, which is pretty much the amount I’d have in a measuring jug in my fridge: the remainders of the can I’d opened to make a single 9″ pie. And we already know I’m not crazy about most uses for the that extra pumpkin.

So things were looking good from the start.

chocolate-pumpkin cake with chocolate buttercream icing

Then, the batter comes together quickly and bakes up soft and moist. The chocolate really complements the cinnamon-spiced pumpkin, and the whole thing disappears within a couple of days.

This time I didn’t make it just as suggested. My youngest son was helping, so I used the recipe’s ingredients as my base guide and changed the method a little.

I tried brown sugar instead of white, and I used a buttered square baking dish rather than a bundt pan, then topped the cake with chocolate buttercream.

chocolate buttercream icingIt turned out so great!

Though I did have to open a new can of pumpkin to make the cake this year and so now I have to make a pie to use up the rest… too bad.


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