feta fixes everything

Lately I’ve discovered that when there are leftovers that I want to use in a new way (who doesn’t?) feta is the answer.

Of course I love it in salads, and if I were trying to use up some feta I could add it to salad any day.

But this is about using feta to help use up other dishes.

Take taboule; it’s great on its own. But maybe there’s still some in the fridge and you’re kind of getting tired of it.

Add some feta.

Better yet, add the cheese then put this new salad over some leftover potatoes.

taboule with feta

potato & cauliflower with taboule & feta

Do you ever make mujadara, or have some in a take-out container in the fridge? Rice and lentils with onion & cumin… it’s delicious. Add feta, fresh parsley and a little salad dressing on day two for a new cold dish.

Try using up leftover jerk chicken with feta and cucumber in a sandwich.

You might be missing feta in other places, too.

What about fruit salad? We already know fruit pairs with cheese: cheese boards with apples and grapes? Cheesecake?! Now take your fresh fruit salad and add some torn mint leaves and pieces of feta. Works for any meal, or dessert.

fruit salad with feta

Listen to this: vinegary cabbage salad. Slaw, if you prefer. With feta. Stuffed into a pita for lunch. Right?

And what about soup? Croutons aren’t the only soup toppers: try feta on your squash soup. Or lentil. Do you like the classic tomato soup with grilled cheese? Skip the grilling and add feta to a bowl of tomato soup. Or mushroom. Or most thick soups, actually.

I’m telling you. Once you start thinking about adding feta to your dishes you’ll find it goes with nearly everything!



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