Late summer tomatoes and beans

When I make tomato bruschetta I prepare the oily, garlicky tomatoes in a nice dish and serve them alongside toasted bread slices that have been drizzled with olive oil. That way the toasts don’t get soggy and if there are any extra tomatoes I can save them for something else.

Like cooking them down a bit to make a fresh tomato sauce for risotto or pasta… or a sandwich or omelette or whatever we feel like.

So, recently my neighbour gave me a few tomatoes from her backyard garden, along with a large handful of beans.

beansAnd I already had a dish with some leftover bruschetta topping, and a bag of mixed green and wax beans that I’d bought at the farmer’s market.

So I cooked 2 sliced shallots in oil until a little browned, then I cut the tomatoes into small chunks and added them along with the bruschetta leftovers (and their oil and garlic in the dish) to a hot pan to cook down. A little more oil, some salt and fresh black pepper: a sweet tomato sauce, enough to cling to half a pound of penne rigate.

dscn5974-2But don’t forget the fresh beans, probably five types, mixed. I added them to the pot, too, just making sure the bigger ones had a few extra minutes. Once the beans were just barely cooked I removed them to a dish, keeping as much of the sauce aside for the pasta that I could.

And then served the beans alongside the sauced pasta.


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