Cake (eating) ninja

We went to a birthday party recently and were sent home with a big piece of cake. A really big piece… the sort that can be cut into three or four respectable slices later.

But not everyone knows that we brought home cake.

Which means the size of the piece is also secret.

So if you open the fridge and take out the container you can sneak a sliver of cake without anyone being the wiser. When (or if) it’s discovered that there is cake, nobody will know how the current size compares to what was brought home.

But you have to be careful. Quick and sly and use a steady hand. The edge that you’re trimming away has to remain straight and even like the original cut would have been.

birthday cake (the LEGO pieces are candy)

Telltale signs of someone sneaking bites of cake include leaving the side ragged from your fork, or too many loose crumbs near your cut. It’s best if you don’t leave scrape marks in the container itself, but not everyone will observe that – only those equally guilty. Plus, you might not have foam packaging to contend with.

And if you’ve brought back homemade two-layer, two-flavour cake with not too much icing you’ll want a taste now and again when you open the fridge and the take-home container is staring back at you.

You need to be a cake (eating) ninja.

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