a little something

Have you noticed how sometimes a little something can change your cooking?

Instead of simply roasting potatoes, you add a little something and it becomes a potato dish. When you make your weekly pasta you stir a little something new into the tomato sauce and you’ve created a new dinner.

I’ve been doing this with potatoes and cauliflower.

Since I love to have both roasted, but need 2 pans (to hold the quantity and manage the  differing cooking times) I add a sliced onion and chopped parsley to the potato pan, along with salt and freshly ground pepper. And olive oil. A little more than you’d think.

potatoes & onion with parsley

It looks delicious and appealing before I’ve even opened the oven door to slide it in!

Once both pans are done in the oven I use a rubber spatula to coax all the oil and cauliflower (browned and crispy in parts)  into a large flat dish, then add the potatoes. Plus more fresh parsley. A gentle mix and this dish is ready.

The potatoes are crispy on the outside and the cauliflower is soft, but not mushy. Then there’s the parsley 2 ways (fresh, and now cooked, too) and don’t forget the onions… almost caramelized from their time in the oven.

potato & cauliflower with onion & parley

So you see, its no longer simply roasted potatoes with cauliflower… I added just a little something different and now we have a new potato dish in rotation.







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