I love cooking a big piece of salmon for dinner. As long as I have that in the fridge I know we have a meal.


Around 30 minutes before we’re planning to eat I’ll go to the fridge to pull out the salmon and while I’m there I figure out some sides to round out dinner.

With a quick mix of honey and whole-grain mustard, or curry powder and maple syrup brushed over the fish, its into the oven. Then to the vegetables: it’s usually a couple salads to go with the salmon. An arugula salad maybe?

And a Greek-ish salad: cucumber, tomato, sweet pepper, red onion, fresh parsley, olives, feta and dried oregano. Then some giant, crusty pieces of torn up bread that I toast with some oil and dried herbs for a spontaneous pile of croutons. Lots of those.


Maybe rice. But salad(s) for sure.

The salmon cooks up soft in the centre, but on the edges where the sugar in the topping gets sticky and caramelized, the salmon is more firm. I just use a big fork to break up the salmon when its almost done cooking, then the smaller pieces finish quickly and there are more crispy edges.


Which is great when I take a left-over piece out of the fridge the next day along with the little bit of remaining Greek-ish salad for lunch… I know I’ll have a meal with the (left-over) salmon in the fridge.




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