more, apparently, unusual habits

So I previously posted a blog about my, apparently, unusual habits.

I don’t think they’re so strange, but I guess some things I do are not too common. (Like keeping dark chocolate in the fridge as a staple, and using a little cup to pinch salt from beside the stove.) And there are more, that I hadn’t mentioned.

Like this one:

I don’t have a “regular” plastic ice cube tray.

ice cube tray and ice

Instead I have a metal one: a shallow tray that you fill with water, place a grid-like divider with a hinged handle into, and freeze. Then, when you’re ready, you pull the handle up, cracking the ice into semi-cubes.

I can see that this is not the norm.

There’s also a metal loaf pan in the freezer, to hold the frozen cubes: once the ice is cracked, you have to empty the tray if you want to make more. Of course I want some on hand and some freezing. I’ve heard that this use of a pan is the more strange thing… but where else would one put the ice that’s already cracked?




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