wooden stick

A friend told me about a cafe with great gelato and really good coffee. She would take the bus from work just to get an iced latte. It must be good if she took public transit for a coffee on her lunch break.

She told me about the chic furniture and friendly service, but also the honey and agave syrup options – alongside the white and brown sugar – for your coffee.

And wood stir sticks. Wood, not plastic.

Ok, that’s nice.

But why are we impressed with a wooden stick?


As a cafe-going culture, is a wooden stir stick over a plastic one really the best we can expect? I mean, comparably, yes, I’d rather the wooden stick over the plastic; but why are these our options? It’s not a food truck or snack bar on a picnic ground.

I heard it is a nice cafe.

What about a proper spoon?



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