I buy white flour in 10kg bags.

And we go through it quite quickly, I think.

Back in the fall my friend and I were making pasta together – making pasta dough, that is. Eggs and flour. And she commented on the size of the flour bag in the cabinet. I’ve always bought the 10kg size, and growing up we always had that size.

My husband and I make a lot of bread. And pizza dough and cakes and biscuits. And pancakes and muffins and so on. That’s why the bag of flour is as big as it is – we don’t want to pick up flour every time we go to the grocery store. It’s enough to pick up whole wheat, double 00, rye, chickpea or other types of flour.

So the pasta (dough) making date was in September. Two weeks later I bought a new bag of flour- I remember because when I was carrying it into the house, my neighbour commented on it’s size and I thought of my friend’s remark earlier that month.

Last week I used the last bit of white flour for pizza dough and had to print ‘flour’ on the grocery list. What can I say, we go through it quickly, like juice, fruit, salad greens and cheese.

What do you go through surprisingly quickly?


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