unlimited salads

Sometimes I think this blog should be called “all salad thoughts” rather than “all food thoughts.”

There have been many times where I’ve stopped myself from writing or posting about salad –  again.

But here we are.

Or rather there we were. My family was having dinner at my sister’s house recently and our salad was very simple: mixed greens, clementine sections, oil, vinegar, salt & pepper. Light and simple after pasta (tomato sauce), grilled chicken (lemon & herbs) and roasted vegetables.

But the conversation turned to what else should or could be in that salad.

Red peppers, crumbly or hard cheese, goat’s cheese, cucumber, grated carrot, beets, nuts. The list kept growing as everyone around the table added their suggestions to the clementine & greens base. But it really was fine as it was.

What would you add?

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  1. Well, you know the first thing I would do! Take OUT the clementine. Add cheese. salty cheese- Romano or Parmesan 🙂

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