are you as picky about dishes as you are about dishes?

Are you as picky about plates, glasses and heavy-weighted knives as you are about food?

My favourite glasses have thick, heavy bottoms. I don’t like a deep bowl for cold cereal, but I choose it for oatmeal. And I hate to have a small fork for dinner: rice, pasta, fish, salad… I need a regular fork. If it’s not a tiny dish, I don’t want a tiny utensil.

There are plenty of matching dishes at my house, but there are also many that don’t belong as a set. So when anyone reaches in the cabinet, there’s usually a choice to make. I put yogurt in a small mug, eaten with a smallish spoon; my husband uses a soup spoon, which I can’t understand. And there is a stack of plates that I hear a fingernails-on-a-chalkboard sound when toast is on them, so I refuse to put toast on those plates.

assorted dishes

When my friend and I make cappuccinos together, I pick the smallest mug, or maybe a teacup, while she always picks a tall, heavy mug.

And jars as glasses is a trend I can’t get behind; I hate the extra thick drinking edge, and can’t help but fell that sauce or pickles would be better suited in the jar than iced tea. Even with a red-and-white-striped paper straw.

The last time my niece was visiting for dinner, she helped to set the table. My son warned her that I will be upset if she gives me a small fork, but she said she’d be upset with the large one.

Where do you stand on this? Particular, don’t care, never thought about it?


  1. I adore glassware, for eating, jewelry, decorations! As a small child one of my favorite activities was standing in front of my mom or grandmother’s china closet just looking at the glassware. As an adult I have two china cabinets and one Amish hutch. I rotate my dishes out by season – I have ones specifically for winter, for spring/summer and fall. I have a mug rack that right now is holding 30 Christmas mugs. It will be switched out in January to winter. I absolutely have favorite utensils, bowls, plates for certain foods and also for cooking. Nice to know I am not alone! 😉


  2. P.S. I bring back pieces from Italy every trip, and I don’t mean fancy ceramics, although I have some of those as well as Murano glasses. I buy everyday water glasses, bowls, tableware to use at home every day.


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