ice order

bubbly water with ice

Do you think the order of ice and drink in your glass is important?

I do. Ice first.

Especially if you are mixing more than one liquid in the glass: ice, juice, bubbly water. In that order.

Not everyone agrees, but it’s like brewing tea. You’re meant to first put the tea bag, then pour the water onto the tea, and let it steep. That’s the proper way, anyway. Well, proper if you’re using a tea bag rather than loose tea, but that’s another story altogether.

So, does it matter to you? How about ice vs no ice? And do you even mix juice and water? We’re big mixers, and the ice is important to most in my house – and worth specifying if we’re requesting a drink from one another. If only we had crushed ice on hand, our beverages would really get ideal.

Where do you stand on ice order (or tea order, for that matter)?

1 Comment

  1. My preferred Order: Ice, bubbly water, juice.
    If you put the bubbly water after the juice, it just sits on top of the juice.
    Watery at the top, too much juice at the bottom.


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