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I like to jot down my ideas and notes whenever I think of them, so I can work on them later. Sometimes a grocery list on the fridge has some strange words in the corner (small dishes) or a meal plan scrawled on an envelope back might also have “iced tea vs lemonade + bubbly?” in bold printing across the bottom. Usually I’m making dinner and have an idea but not the time to write it out so I just chuck the important words onto a paper that’s already stuck to the fridge (so I won’t lose the note as well as the idea) and get back to the chopping or the stove or what have you.

Then, when I have time to think it out, I write something about small dishes, or iced tea vs lemonade, and where I stand on bubbly lemonade.

But occasionally I’ll gather these scraps of paper and receipts and napkins from the car to consolidate the list and get started with writing, but I won’t understand one of the notes. Like this list, from the notebook in the car:

  • French toast + syrup
  • lobster roll (lobster/bread/mayo)
  • buttermilk onion rings










What is this?

Let me shed some insight:

  • I don’t typically like French toast; once every couple of years is fine with me.
  • I’ve never eaten a lobster roll. (but of course it would include lobster/bread/mayo)
  • no ideas about the onion rings, though I would like some

So, now I’m really stumped.

It’s not like me to not remember this at all: if I had been planning on making these things there’s be some forgotten buttermilk in the fridge, or talk of where to get the lobster. Maybe a sliced bakery challah that only made it as far as morning toast, but, no, the kitchen holds a crusty peasant loaf, no shellfish and 2% milk.

If I figure it out, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, any thoughts from you couldn’t hurt.


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  1. Maybe the onion-rings recipe idea came to you after the delicious quinoa onion rings with peanut sauce at Fresh? And i think you have mentioned to me before about how some people drown their pancakes and french toast in syrup…so maybe something about syrup preferences?


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