carrots in salad

How do you feel about carrots in your salad?

peeled carrots

Not carrot salad, but carrots as an ingredient in your mixed green salad, alongside tomato, cucumber, radish, pepper… whatever you normally add.

The reason I ask, is I’m not too sure about it.  They’re just too hard. You can’t easily pierce them with your fork the way you do the rest of the vegetables. And if you can’t pierce them, it’s because they’re too thick which means that the whole mouthful is just carrot and you’re chewing and chewing but not on salad, on carrot.

start of salad

I find if the carrots are grated, it works better. Then the little pieces just cling to the lettuce greens or stick to the cucumber slices and you can taste them without tasting only them. But sometimes I don’t want to bother grating carrot.

Thin slices are a nice middle ground, but still… I’m starting to think I don’t really want carrots in my salad.

Am I the only one with this problem?


  1. Nooo you’re missing out. What about grilling or roasting them sliced with a tiny bit of oil, salt and garlic and then adding them on your salad?
    I’ve got a slight carrot addiction. I eat them with most things but mainly chomp them on their own! Lx


  2. I just ate a fabulous salad (topped with grilled trout) at a restaurant, Rustik, in Orangeville and the salad had carrots in very fine julienne strips and they were a crunchy and pleasant addition. Plus the orange colour is cheery at this time of year.
    Nice to see/read the return of the blog.


  3. Yay!!!!! You’re back!!!!
    I’ve been missing allfoodthoughts.
    So….. I like carrot in my salad. Sliced thin in rounds or sliced juilienne.
    It adds sweetness which I like.
    However, I do agree with you that bug chunks or thickly cut carrot is too much for soft greens.


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