Brownies have been out of rotation around here for awhile. How long is awhile? I guess it depends on how often you usually have something – or how often you want to have it!

Either way, there haven’t been any brownies for months, maybe even a year.


And it’s not that I don’t want them, or am constantly out of cocoa, or hate to bake, or anything like that. I threw away our 9 x 13″ pan because it was old and getting rusty. That’s it.

I haven’t replaced the pan and all the others in the cabinets are larger or smaller, a casserole dish or a roasting tin. Even the cake pans are not right. So a regular rectangular sheet of dark rich brownies have not been sitting out on our counter for some time.

Until now!


I decided to make a batch in a larger pan with a shorter baking time. The old faithful recipe with a different baking pan and it turned out pretty well.

Now to get back to some other dishes I haven’t made lately, like homemade rice balls stuffed with melty cheese and served with sautéed greens and thick tomato sauce. Actually, why haven’t I made those lately?

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