always in the fridge

It seems I always have tomatoes in the fridge.

Not fresh, ripe ones. Tinned ones, but out of the tin – why would I refrigerate a tin of tomatoes? Or sauce that I’ve made from tinned tomatoes.

tinned tomatoesTomato sauce for pasta or another for pizza; leftovers from a tin that was only partially used in a stew or stirred into a soup: there’s always a bowl or measuring jug – or even small ramekin – of tomatoes in the fridge.

And it gets used. In one of the ways mentioned above, like chopping a cupful and adding them to minestrone soup. Pureeing for tomato fennel soup, or pizza sauce with lots of garlic and black pepper. Sometimes peppers and zucchini get stewed in some tomatoes for a fresh spaghetti dinner. And I often add some to a quick curry with lentils or chickpeas.

tomato sauce

Or I make pizza grilled cheese.

But I don’t think of myself as using a lot of tomatoes.

I’m obviously wrong; I do. They’re always in the fridge. What’s always in yours?


(for more about what’s in the fridge, check this old post)


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