what’s for dinner?

Every so often I find that I don’t know what to eat; I don’t know what I feel like having for dinner.

We have our usuals at my house, and our favourites, and our once-in-a-whiles; but there are times when none of these are right.

Sometimes I make a dish, like black bean chili, and my husband and teen rave about it, saying we should have it all the time. But really, if I made it all the time they wouldn’t enjoy it as much as they claim.

And there are times that we discover we’d forgotten how delicious something like roasted cauliflower and green olive pasta is: why don’t we have this every week? But, there again, we’d be sick of it pretty quickly.

There are days when we reminisce about a nice dish or fun dinner from the past, but it doesn’t mean we feel like having that meal again, only that we enjoyed it at the time.

Here is a list of some of our regulars:

  • pasta – macaroni & cheese, roasted cauliflower & olive, tomato sauce, and more
  • risotto – tomato, pea, mushroom, etc
  • soup – minestrone, lentil, squash
  • pizza – usually every week, all varieties and combinations of toppings
  • tacos – hard shells and soft corn tortillas with fresh toppings, sauces and cheese
  • burgers – regular and lentil, sometimes a quinoa version
  • Indian-style curries – chickpea & potato, butter chicken, eggplant with tomato

But still, even with a list of standbys, nothing seems appealing these days. We’re tired  of everything, and so I ask you: what’s for dinner?



  1. Tonight…I am having lazy-lady veggie soup. Recipe: 2 boxes veggie broth, 1 can chickpeas or kidney beans and 1 bag of mixed frozen veggies. (I like the Asian style veggies) Instant Soup. Perfect for a healthy meal when you’re under the weather, but don’t want to eat too salty/msg canned soups.


  2. What’s for dinner? This week I roasted a lot of vegetables and I’ve been eating them all week with either a scrambled egg or some back bacon or an Italian sausage (protein). I think 2 things: I should come to your house for dinner more often because it’s always delicious (and the company’s great!) and I do think you could serve pasta and roasted cauliflower more often — it’s like pizza — never get tired of it. xo m


  3. I thought of you tonight as I pondered what to make for dinner since my husband, the main family cook, was not in the mood. Was going to stop at the grocery but started thinking of Italy and what I might eat if we were there. Came home and sauteed the two remaining red peppers, grated in some garlic, added the last bit of the salami chub chopped, tossed in the leftover pepper/onion/cheese mixture from last night’s meal (about 2/3 cup) added the pasta which I had finished cooking, tossed in chopped oil cured black olives and then grated some pecorino over the whole thing. Ha! Not bad at all, quite tasty in fact. Thanks for being part of my inspiration. 🙂


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