oatmeal and granola

Is this an over dose of oats?

I don’t often eat oatmeal, but I do make it for the little ones in the house. And sometimes I have a bowlful, because with cinnamon, on a cold day, oatmeal feels right. It tends to warm you to the bones and make you feel less frozen in the dead of winter. Certainly more than toast does.

Plus, I add some granola on top.

This is the best of both worlds: oatmeal can seem bland, but the crunchy granola brings the taste to life. The hot cereal warms you, and the toasty oats/seeds/coconut satisfy your taste buds.

I always use large flake oats for both granola and oatmeal, but I guess the quick – or even instant – would work for the oatmeal base. Though I do think taking on the 10 minutes’ cooking time makes such a big difference to your bowl: instead of mushy and pasty, you end up with a creamy cereal, if you know what I mean.



And of course you can buy some granola at the store. But with a few minutes of hands on time, you can make your own (customized!) jarful.

Try the combo (oats on oats) and let me know what you think.

granola on oatmeal


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