how do you feel about cupcakes?

sprinkle cupcake

How do you feel about cupcakes?

To be honest, I kind of feel like I’d rather just have cake.  Having said that, it can be nice to bake a batch and top them all differently.


The counter looks like a bakery case, and everyone can have what they like – or avoid what they don’t like – and still have a cupcake for dessert. I just go through the cabinet and fridge and see what we have.

Berries, sprinkles, chocolate shavings. Buttercream icing, coloured sugar. And graham cracker crumbs that make a chocolate icing-topped cupcake more delicious than you might think.

This time we had pistachios so I chopped some, and shredded coconut in a jar, so I used that, too. A few candies and plenty of assorted sprinkles.

pistachio on cupcake

So even though I prefer a piece of cake, I’ll eat my share of these.

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