ice cream

ice cream

How do you feel about ice cream in the winter? Is it only a summer treat?

Is it a treat at all, or just something you eat, like sandwiches?

ice cream maker paddle

There’s no question that I eat more ice cream in the warmer months, but I don’t forget about it through the winter.

A few years ago we bought a small and inexpensive ice cream maker; it doesn’t make much but it didn’t cost much, either. So sometimes I make ice cream for a treat.

ice cream maker bowl

A treat. When I read the packages of ice cream at the store there are so many items I don’t know listed. And such a  long list of ingredients. Then Haagen Dazs came out with a line of ‘5 ingredient’ ice creams, and that seemed like a good thing to me. But I read in a Michael Pollan book that we should remember that while it’s only ‘5 ingredients’, it is also still ice cream. A treat. And that stuck with me.

So here it is, the cold winter days, and I made ice cream. And it’s in the freezer next to a mass produced 2litre carton of 3-flavoured ice cream that made its way into my cart at the store the last time my teenager shopped with me. Obviously I don’t only eat ice cream I made myself.

The one I made myself has 5 ingredients, too. Egg yolk, sugar, milk, cream, vanilla. Not all healthy, or even good. But it tastes good. And the little machine makes about 2 cups which means the ice cream only lasts for 1-2 (small) servings, depending on how many people are having it.

So, it’s a treat. All year.

ice cream



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