I love frittata.

Warm or cold. For breakfast, or dinner. On a crusty bun.

You get the idea.


But I don’t love that so many magazine articles suggest that a frittata is a catchall for the entire selection of left-overs in your fridge!

My friend Laura always talks about someone she knows who adds yesterday’s pasta. (I do not.)

Some bits and pieces: yes. Anything and everything you have: no!

Yes, you can mix and match the fillings that your eggs are holding. But I don’t think a frittata should be different with each bite. Try using two or three ingredients, plus cheese if you want it.

Potato and pea. Tomato and mushroom. Zucchini and bell pepper.

The last time I made frittata we had leftovers that I deemed suitable: roasted cauliflower, and potatoes with parsley. Plus some big pieces of feta dotted around the pan before the eggs went in.

We ate it for dinner with salad and bread, olives and cheese, and fruits.

Do you make frittata with all sorts of left-overs? What do you put in yours?




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