What time is dinner?

We eat dinner at 6:00pm. Sometimes things are a little behind in the kitchen and we aren’t ready until 6:20pm or so, but we rarely eat earlier.

And the strange thing is we always finish at 6:50pm. It doesn’t seem to matter if we start on the hour, or a little after. Or a lot after.

Pizza only / main course, plus salad and desert / soup and bread: It makes no difference. Unless we have more than 2 guests, we finish at 6:50pm. Strange, right?

And also this: our neighbor across the driveway is always at the sink in her window when we are at the table. Is she preparing dinner? Washing up after dinner? I’ve never asked her. I feel like she and her family eat later than us; she’s come by for an onion to put on her burgers when we’re clearing the table, and headed home from a chat on the veranda to start her dinner while ours is finishing on the stove.

Is six o’clock the common time for dinner? When I was younger I remember dinnertime to be 5:30pm. And my grandparents always ate so early, maybe 4:30pm? And I know, grandparents, and the elderly in general, are notorious for eating early. But still: how early is too early? I feel like anything before 5:30pm is not dinner, but more of a pre-dinner snack. Anything earlier than 5:30pm is not ok if you’re going out to a restaurant. I don’t know why, but it is.

In the summer this all goes out the windows – open of course, to enjoy the warm breeze. We tend to eat later most days through the summer. After swimming, after the park, after sitting around in the yard with cold drinks and toys. Restaurants with patios, and families with back yards, and grilling on the deck… dinner is later and lingering goes longer.

So, dinner is at 6:00pm at my house but I wonder about others: what time is dinner? (Reply in the comments section or on social media – links at the top of the page.)

For more about the photos, click on the names, here:

carrot salad, veggie fresh rolls, feta stuffed peppers, bean baguette, squash soup, pineapple with pepper and cucumberfresh beans with tomatomixed salad with fetacake with berries



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