Macaroni and cheese with green onion & breadcrumbs.

macaroni & cheese

Here’s how it happened.

I had made a noodle soup for dinner, with spaghetti and peanut sauce this time, and the few leftover bits were in the fridge.

A small saucer of sliced green onions caught my eye when I reached in for the Monteray Jack cheese I needed for the lunch I was making the next day. I knew when I saw it that those little pieces would be the perfect thing to add to our lunch.

I usually make macaroni and cheese very quickly, and this was no exception.

Because the pasta was already in the pot, and the onions were already sliced, I tossed a spoonful into the waiting strainer. The hot pasta and its water was enough to soften the onion a little, and I just tipped the strainer of penne and onion back into the pan with the butter and grated cheese.

A stir on the still warm stove with a bit of milk and it was almost done. Then I sprinkled some breadcrumbs over the top and stirred before serving – just plain breadcrumbs. Not toasted with butter, or tossed with dried herbs, or other delicious types. Just straight from the pantry into the pot.

Yum! Why hadn’t I done this before?

macaroni & cheese



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