in the air

Have you seen the movie “You’ve Got Mail”?

There’s a scene where Meg Ryan’s character – Kathleen Kelly – has just closed her bookshop and Tom Hanks’ character and his girlfriend are chatting on their way home. “Kathleen Kelly,” the girlfriend says. “It’s like her name was in the air today,”

Or something very close to that.

Now, let me tell you: “The Olive Garden” has been in the air lately.

I keep seeing it come up on twitter. There was some debate going on about whether or not it is good, and whether or not that was the point.

Then I went to the local Portuguese bakery for pada buns and some customers sitting at a table near the cash register were talking about The Olive Garden. Mostly that they didn’t see what all the fuss was about.

Then I saw a news story about a man who bought a passport, of sorts, from The Olive Garden and used it to feed homeless people. (In the States, you could buy a pasta ‘pass’ for $100 and have unlimited pasta for 7 weeks.)

A friend of a friend went shopping in the US and ate at The Olive Garden; she returned home carrying many of her purchases in the restaurant’s brown shopping bag.

Do we even have The Olive Garden in Canada anymore? I don’t think so. But my friend has told me on numerous occasions how much she used to love to go there as a youth, when it was in Canada. She would eat so much salad and bread that she wouldn’t want her entrée.

The restaurant is very nostalgic for her. She loved it.

So you can imagine how disappointed she was to discover no actual Olive Garden food in the shopping bag.

And now that I’ve heard about the shopping bag without salad or pasta or even a breadstick from the chain inside, I can’t say that the words “The Olive Garden” have finally dropped from the air. It’s like the endless salad and bread they offer… endless.


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