same, same, same

I almost always eat the same thing for breakfast. Almost always, because sometimes I don’t have anything.

Toast with peanut butter.

Day in, day out, and it’s all I want.

toast with peanut butter

Why is it that I can eat the same breakfast but would not want the same lunch or dinner everyday? Cold cereal with milk is a common breakfast, and many people eat it each morning. But do they also eat a tuna sandwich everyday for lunch? Probably not.

There are a few dishes that I can eat over and over, though I don’t know about everyday. Pasta: linguine with tomato sauce and Romano cheese. Salad: all kinds of vegetables and fruits, seeds and nuts in mixed lettuces with simple dressing. A cheese sandwich: if it’s nice bread and good cheese I don’t need to add anything more.

Actually, I think I could eat these everyday.

And toast with peanut butter.

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