baguette: 3 ways

As if you need any new reason to eat baguette. As if you don’t already have a stash of favourite uses. As if you couldn’t come up with a few new ways on your own!

But here are some popular ways to eat baguette, from my house.

baguette taco:

baguette taco

When there is left-over black bean taco ingredients, minus the corn tortillas, I reach for a chunk of baguette.

Spiced black bean spread, tomato, lettuce, salsa verde or taco sauce, avocado, if there is any. A squeeze of lime. And a lid to keep it in.(A few years ago when I worked in a Google kitchen I learned from a co-worker that a variation of this is common in Mexico. But with cheese broiled on top rather than more bread… Who knew?!)


pb & j baguette:

pb & j baguette

This is a popular one if I’m (we’re) going to be out over lunch-time.

A whole baguette (or a long chunk) sliced in half like a sub sandwich. Spread with peanut butter on one half, jam on the other, then closed and pressed together lightly. Cut into smaller chunks (and packed for later).


open-faced baguette toasts:



This open sandwich offers the most crunch per bite of bread!

Slice a long chunk of bread, and toast it. Add a drizzle of oil, some thick slices of cheese (strong ones like Romano or feta are favourites) and some tomatoes – roasted or dried if you have them, otherwise very ripe fresh ones. Top with a heap of salad greens, such as arugula or mache. Eat this over your plate as the oil & tomato juices will drip down your arms like a summer peach.




  1. Mmmmmm…open-faced baguette toasts!!!!
    I could definitely go for one of those right now.
    With a glass of red wine and some olives.
    (oh wait, it’s 10:30am…maybe hold the wine)


  2. Thought I’d let you know…I brought PB & J on a baguette to work today. I think I will be popular in the staffroom, as I brought enough to go around 😉


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