post-halloween post

Pumpkins and costumes and ghosts, oh my!

But there were treats, too.

And in my neighbourhood a lot of children come trick or treating, calling ‘happy halloween’ at the door and shouting ‘thank you’ as they jump down the steps. There have been Halloween nights where we barely make it to the end of the line-up of kiddos with enough little packages to pass along into the pillowcases and monster-face buckets.

So this year we bought a lot of treats so we would be ready for what was coming our way. But of course we were not ready… we were surprised by how much fun 4 boxes of colourful crinkly packages can be.

Dumping them onto the floor, sorting them by colour, seeing how many you can carry, tipping them into shopping bags then back into their boxes… This is where the fun is! At one point, somebody was in the box, while the bags of chips were being lined up like a train along the living room floor.

mini sized treats

It seems you don’t have to know what’s inside the packages to enjoy them!

I guess the trick was on us.

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