have you seen these beauties?

Have you seen these beautiful carrots at the market or grocery store?


I love how bright they taste. Crisp and sweet. And did I mention the bold colours?

Sometimes I add them, thinly sliced, to salad. Or serve long spears with hummus. But this time I grated some, added a drizzle of oil and a pinch of coarse salt… instant salad. If this seems too plain for you try adding some herbs or seeds. Maybe poppy seeds, or a little zaatar?


I put a heap of this ‘salad’ on my sandwich at lunch and I can tell you, grated carrots are as nice on a a simple sandwich as lettuce is. Fresh, and crunchy. Refreshing.

If there were any left-overs, they would go in tomorrow’s arugula.

Like I said, if there were any leftovers.


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