a coffee at home


espresso pot

When I want a coffee at home I brew espresso using our stovetop Bialetti Moka pot.

When my husband wants a coffee at home he brews drip coffee using our counter-top Bunn machine.

After my coffee brews the pot stays hot so I always leave it (and any extra coffee) on the stove to cool. I’ll get to dumping the grinds and giving it a quick wash later. Besides, I feel there is a window of time for drinking a freshly brewed coffee: wait too long and even though it may be warm, it won’t be good. So, enjoy the coffee first, clean up the pot later.

Drip coffee does not brew as hot: the water tank is tucked away inside the machine, the filter basket doesn’t heat up, and the carafe is glass, so really, it can’t keep a high temperature. Once you pour your cupful, you don’t really need to wait for the pot to cool… but still, a window for freshness: enjoy the coffee first, clean up the pot later.

But every day I see the remaining coffee from my husband’s morning brew sitting (cold) in the carafe. I dump it out and rinse the pot.

And every time I leave my espresso pot on the stove to cool, my husband comes along and takes care of it before I can. (Cooled, but before I return to the scene.)

I don’t like seeing the leftover coffee lingering in the glass pot on the burner. It seems messy or clutter-y or something. Just rinse it already. He hates the espresso pot sitting out, knowing it needs to be emptied. It only takes a minute. But neither of us really minds the other – their own!

How strange… what to make of this? What habit resides in your kitchen?



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