I’ll give you 3 guesses

Ok, 3 guesses.


No, not chocolate raisins.


No, not chocolate nuts.


No, not chocolate jujubes.


Chocolate covered sponge toffee pieces. This could lead to trouble.

For 2 years I have been trying to make nice a sponge toffee. I’m not trying to create the recipe for a batch, simply have a recipe turn out just right when I make it.

A few have been pretty good. The pieces didn’t last long, so they must have tasted good enough. But adding chocolate never seems to work out – who knows why!

Except for the fact that I like dark chocolate and these are milk, I may have found an easier way around this.

But I’m sure to keep trying. These will just fill the time in between.


  1. Do you use a candy thermometer? apparently, the “perfect” temperature makes all the difference. I am not sure, as I have never made sponge toffee.


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