(over-ripe) avocado

SAM_3924Do you ever have an over-ripe avocado that you think will be ok?

It’s not black inside, or wrinkly outside, or dry… just too soft. So you think it’ll be fine; it’ll be mashed on your sandwich anyhow.

But it’s not fine. It has a strong, weird, perfume-y taste. In its skin it didn’t smell. Yes there were some bruises you cut around, but no smell. It was a very soft (read: too soft), still-green avocado that you tried to save from entering the compost. Or worse, the trash.

You were trying to be good. Who wants to waste an avocado? Nobody. Exactly.


But now you are being punished – by yourself, mind you – by a strong unpleasant taste that’s ruining your otherwise lovely sandwich. It’s like one of those brightly coloured lilies that look so nice in a vase, but start to choke you with their smell after a of couple days is in between your bread.

Does that ever happen to you? No? Me neither.

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