the worst

Some of the things that go wrong with food really leave a bad impression. Here are a few things that bother me the most.


Bad fruit

(looks and feels good on the outside, but when you bite or cut into it you find it’s mushy or brown or just not right)

Cold toast

(especially with peanut butter)

Soggy cereal

(when I still ate it… see here for more on why I rarely eat cereal)


An omelet that’s still wet inside

(truly wet, not just a little loose)

Dry baked goods

(cake, cookies, brownies – any treat that spent 5 minutes too many in the oven)


What’s on your list?


  1. mushy pasta is THE WORST!!!
    urgh….just awful. Especially when there is a delicious sauce, but all you can think about is “uuhhh this pasta must’ve been boiling for 30 minutes!”


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