I don’t really like pancakes. Sure I eat them sometimes, but I can’t think of the last time I wanted them. When I suggested them because I felt like eating them.


Sometimes my husband will suggest we have ‘breakfast for dinner’ and I get on board, thinking of eggs and toast and a chunky garden salad. Then I remember he means pancakes. Or waffles.

When we do make pancakes – for dinner, or otherwise – everyone else gobbles them up. I usually serve them with various toppings in the centre of the table: lots of fruits, maple syrup, whipped cream, jam. Bacon if we have it.

On the weekend my husband made 2 batches for lunch. He sprinkled a few blueberries on each one as it bubbled in the pan, and we served them with butter and honey. Suddenly they were delicious. I don’t know if it was the butter or the honey or the combination of both with the blueberries… but it tasted great. Like pancakes are meant to, I guess.


I mean, we always have nice enough cakes; I don’t think it’s ours I dislike, its pancakes overall. But I don’t usually have butter on them. And the honey is usually just drizzled over my mountain of fruits, barely touching the actual pancake… could that be all there is to it? Add butter and honey?

It seems I will have to suggest them for my own sake next time. In the name of research, anyhow.


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