condiments & toppings

Even if you really like mustard or bbq sauce, there are only so many ways to use it.

Here are 7 of my family’s go-tos that are more versatile than you might think.

PLAIN YOGURT – sure, we eat it in the morning with a little crunchy granola on top. But we also use it to make fruit smoothies. Or drain it and add cucumber and garlic for tzakiki. Or a quick raita (grated cucumber, cumin, salt). We spoon it over curries, top thick soups with it and add some to our bowls of hearty chili.


SALSA VERDE – made from tomatillos and chilies it’s a little spicy and a lot refreshing. Try it on a sandwich with crusty bread, dip your grilled cheese crusts in it, or use it in nachos and quesadillas to add more flavour.

salsa verde

PEANUT BUTTER – not just for toast! Yes, it goes with jam, or honey on a quick sandwich, but try it on a warm scone or tea biscuit. Also good on raisin bread. Or thin it with a little water, mix in some bbq sauce and make a quick peanut sauce for dipping baked potato wedges or pouring over stir-fried veggies.

peanut butter

JARRED CABBAGE SALAD – I use this in sandwiches all the time! With feta or Swiss cheese on a sturdy bun to hold in the drips, or tucked into a pita with hummus. And on fish or bean tacos. Try including a small dish-full as part of an appetizer platter with meats, cheeses, olives, marinated vegetables and baguette slices.

jarred cabbage salad

CURRY MAYO – mix 1 tsp curry powder into 3 tbsp mayonnaise. Spread on burgers, the insides of a grilled cheese, or deli sandwiches. Or use in place of regular mayo for chicken or tuna salad.

curry mayo

OLIVES or OLIVE TAPENADE – we practically use the two interchangeably. Add some to the pan when baking fish or roasting vegetables. Put them in salads. Snacks like cheese and crackers are better with olives. And so are thick sandwiches like breaded chicken or eggplant. Even if the fridge seems bare when packing lunch, crusty bread + cheese + olive spread = fulfilling.

olive tapenade

RICOTTA CHEESE – Ricotta may not be a ‘condiment’, but I use it as a common spread, so I’m including it here.  Not only can you add it to your tomato sauce, but you can mix it with a little of the pasta’s cooking liquid and some fresh black pepper for a quick penne dinner (no tomato sauce needed). Spread it on toast in place of cream cheese or put it on a sandwich with cucumbers. Or use it to make a lighter icing than the traditional cream cheese frosting.

Let me know what you reach for!


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