emergency cake

It started in the winter. Our neighbours did a favour for us and we wanted to take something over as a thank you. I baked a pan of brownies and sent them next door. But, of course, then our house smelled warm and chocolatey and lovely, and we had nothing to show for it.

A couple of weeks passed and we wanted to send something over for another favour. This time I was smart: I remembered our sadness at having a delicious smelling house with no treats to eat. I baked a two-layer cake – one for each of us.

Now, this is our go-to move. Whenever we feel like cake, which is quite often, actually, I make a two-layer cake and put one layer in the freezer.

This way we can have cake for dessert one day, and somewhere between a few days and a couple of weeks later, we can enjoy cake on a Sunday afternoon, or serve it when we have guests at dinner, or even just a Wednesday night craving. Any kind of a cake emergency. Out of the freezer (still in its plastic wrap) the cake sits on the counter for an hour and we’re ready to eat.

Today’s cake had a very thin coating of plain icing, so I added a handful of fresh berries to my slice. We could add sprinkles, or drizzle some syrup over it, or eat it with ice cream. Next week’s layer will probably have chocolate icing.  But if I think of another way to eat it once the platter is empty except for crumbs, I can make another two-layer batch and start again.


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