somebody is thinking…

I was at the grocery store the other day getting some essentials that had run low in the pantry. At the big supermarket near my son’s school, I sometimes stock up on basics and large packages. A case of sparkling water for a party; a big, big box of cereal; a mega pack of taco shells.

Walking down a jumbo aisle I saw a selection of oils and remembered that the olive oil in my last bottle was getting low. A brand of oil that I’d used before was on sale so I added it to the cart.

A couple of days later I reached for the oil, cracked the seal on the screw top and took off the top. Boing! Out popped a pouring spout. A handy, collapsible, attached-to-the-bottle-so-it-won’t-get-lost pouring spout. No leaks. No advertising. No over oiling.


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